Are you ready to get fit?

Are you overweight and finally reached the point where you desperately want to do something about it? Me too! If you want to join me on this journey, then read on…

Aimed at total beginners

If you've never exercised before, or it's been a while, then I promise, you will be able to follow this plan perfectly.

It only takes 4 weeks

By the end of the 4 weeks, exercise will have become a regular and expected part of your every day routine.

no equipment necessary

No gyms, no weights, no benches. All these exercises are bodyweight only, and you don't even have to leave your house.

How does it work?

Start small

‘Might oaks from little acorns grow’ and ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.
You’ve probably heard these quotes a million times, but that’s because they are just so true.
I’m sure you’ve had the experience of deciding to just ‘go for it’. To suddenly start a restrictive diet and vow to start up an exercise routine – I know I have. How did you get on? If you’re anything like me, you hurt so much from the first day’s workout that you never wanted to get out of bed again, let alone do another round of Insanity!
On the Fat Girls Fit plan, we are completely realistic about what we are likely to achieve at the start. We’d rather successfully complete 5 minutes of simple bodyweight exercises every day than completely fail to do an hour long gym session multiple times a week.

Make it a habit

A habit is just a behaviour repeated enough times that it becomes automatic.

There are many theories on how to purposely create a new habit, but there are some consistent ideas.

Firstly, make a concrete plan – know exactly what you’re doing, where, when, and for how long. Say it out loud to someone. Look at it on your planner and tick it off when you’re done.

The next trick is to find a way to make the new habit appealing. You could try ‘temptation bundling’, that is, stating that after you’ve done [the habit you NEED to do], you will do [the habit you WANT to do]. An example would be, after you’ve done your exercises, you’ll sit down and read a magazine, or drink your morning coffee, or scroll through Facebook. The idea is that you’ll eventually start to enjoy exercising because it means you can do something enjoyable afterwards.

The third idea is to make it easy. Prime your environment by laying out your workout clothes the morning/night before you plan on exercising. Make the tasks small, quick and very achievable, so you can experience success.

The last step is to make your habit satisfying – what is immediately rewarded is repeated. Just make sure your reward isn’t in conflict with your aim i.e. Don’t reward exercising by eating a huge bar of chocolate!

Over all, remember that small changes can take a while to build up momentum, but when they do, you’ll be surprised at the sudden changes that you see.

Find support

Knowing someone is watching can be a great motivator. Finding accountability partners can create an immediate cost to not following through. We care what others think about us, especially if they are expecting us to do something and we haven’t. You can find diet bets online that give a monetary value to your accountability, or join our friendly Facebook group to find all the accountability partners you could ever wish for!

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